How I Do My Computing

How I Do My Computing

My computer

Most of my blog posts are written on my desktop with a GTX 970, 16GB RAM, and 200GB + 1TB storage. My two laptops are a Thinkpad X230 and 2012 MacBook Pro. I tried corebooting the Thinkpad X230 with the Skulls script but that was to no avail due to my pomona clip breaking.

OS Choice

My Thinkpad X230 and 2012 Macbook runs on Ubuntu mostly because I don’t have the know-how to configure Linux all that much. In addition, all Linux distros are all the same at their core in my opinion. For my desktop, I run Windows 10 primarily because it runs my video games quite well and I’m used to the Windows environment. I know that Proton and Wine has done a good job of running steam games on Linux systems but I’m not at all proficient in resolving my issues yet. However, I do plan on switching to Linux entirely some time in the future.

Software Choice

I play around with python and for that I use an IDE called PyCharm. I used to use VSCode for commiting my blog entries but now I’m using Git and Hugo for my posts.

When I browse the web, I use Google Chrome with customized preferences to disable notifications, javascript, and cookies. The extensions I use are LassPass, HTTPS Everywhere, and uBlock Origin.

For text editiing, I use Notepadd++. I also want to learn LaTeX but I’m still in high school and most of my essays aren’t extraordinarily long.

Mobile phone

Let me phrase that I am a weird human being. I use an iphone 6s for social media and stuff but I would much prefer using other people’s phones to text their mom (This is an inside joke I promise :D).

Things That Are Just Lying Around in My House

I have an Arduino and Raspberry Pi Model B+ serving the purpose of collecting dust.

Super Secret YouTube Video



Ok, I’ve switched my OS on the thinkpad x230 to debian testing.